Thursday, April 1, 2010

Comic Frenzy!

Today marks a very special day for writers in Seattle, especially those writers wanting to break into the script, screen play, or comic book writing industries. April 1st is the beginning of Script Frenzy the month long challenge for writers who want to test their limits and creativity to see if they can write 100 pages of script in 30 days. Script Frenzy is a non profit, donor funded contest that provides an avenue for writers to try something they might not ordinarily do and to push themselves to accomplish what can be seemingly impossible.

Script Frenzy provides an introduction to the comic book writing style and the basic format that most comics follow. They explain that a 'splash page' conveys a big action sequence or a major turning point in the comic and such pages can be placed any point in the book. There is also instruction on how to use bold font and capitalized letters when introducing a new character. While Script Frenzy is about crafting a certain style of writing, they also acknowledge that the comic book form relies heavily on the artwork and one of the guidelines emphasizes respect of the artist as the drawings are what really tell a story in a comic.

Although Script Frenzy is an individual project, cities take the initiative to organize writing groups where participating writers can meet up to write together or bounce ideas off each other or just talk about the madness they are undertaking and how they coping with the delightful, self induced stresses of the project. Currently Seattle has a Capitol Hill Write In Group, a Queen Anne/Fremont/South Lake Union/Magnolia/Belltown/Downtown Seattle Writing Group and a North Seattle/Lake City/U District/Shoreline Writers Group.

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