Monday, April 12, 2010

The Comics Journal.

There's the Wall Street Journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, and Literary Journals, but The Comics Journal? Indeed it is so, Seattle has it's very own investigative news magazine that is centered around comics.

The Comics Journal, located in Lake City, covers comics from a different perspective and is truly worthy of it's name as it has acquired a reputation for being a respected arts magazine that showcases the artistic work of comics while providing a well balanced mix of news about the comic industry, professional interviews and commentary, as well as classic and current comics. Gary Groth, the editor in chief of The Comics Journal, started out as a comic book editor, publisher, and critic and used this background to create the rigorous standards that the Journal applies to comic books. This is one of the reasons the Journal has gained the reputation and readership it has today. There are worldwide readers who subscribe to the Journal. The Journal has also been nominated for numerous awards including the 2009 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Comics Related Periodical/Journalism and the 2007 Harvey Award Nominee for Best Biographical, Historical or Journalist Presentation.

Rather than focusing on the superhero crime fighter type comics that the medium is popular for, The Comics Journal champions artists like Art Spiegelman, famous for his Pulitzer Prize winning memoir Maus and Robert Crumb who recently published a graphic novel version of The Book of Genesis.

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