Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marvel App for the iPad

The release of the iPad last Saturday flooded Apple stores around the country with eager customers anxious to get their hand on the latest creation from the masterful mind of Steve Jobs. Here in Seattle was no different as excited University Village Apple Store employees ran and cheered past the throngs of customers standing in line, just moments before opening their doors to release the iPad with all its promises to be a magical and revolutionary product.

The iPad is a different way to experience the web by providing a new device for checking email, looking at photos, watching videos, and using apps. There are over 150,000 apps for the iPhone and the iTouch all of which will be available on the iPad. There are also new apps developed specifically with the iPad in mind. One such app is Marvel Comic's app for the iPad that will include digital copies of some of Marvel's classic titles like the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and, of course Spider Man. Each new title would cost $1.99. The iPad and all it's glory aside, this is a big move for comic books. Since it's advent, the form has stayed the same, but with the iPad, comic books are finally made it's debut in the digital age.

With a product as new as the iPad, many people are still finding uses for their devices and learning how to use it. The University Village Apple store has daily classes in which they teach you about some of the major features of the iPad as well as showing you how to set up your iPad for optimal use.

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